Truck For Hope

The Mission



Imagine being six years old and almost all you know of life is hunger.  Every day you watch the adults laboring for basic needs and searching for food.    

Now imagine that one day life suddenly changes.  People arrive with food and supplies.  Your whole world is looking more positive as you see the changes they are bringing.  Life has arrived from some distant place below the mountain.  Food, education, and fun brighten your horizon. There is a smile on everyone's faces.  

Now imagine that fading away to a trickle.  Imagine the fear that this aid will disappear and everything will return to hunger and hopelessness.  

Now imagine what your support can do. 

Together we can help change the future for that six year old and many other children on that mountain.  Truck For Hope has officially begun bringing humanitarian aid and volunteers up to the Tolupan children.  Please consider joining us in our mission to bring hope to the Tolupan children.


Bringing Hope